Spearfishing tips

Fish with many names

I am a bit worried and disgusted by the popularity of the usage of Escalor aka Butterfish, Oilfish, white tuna , Ikan Setan and many other names. Why the local fisherman call it “Ikan Setan” is because of the Keriorrhoea affect it has on the person who consumes the fish.Escolar’s diet contains food high in    […]

“Not Today” (A story of survival and spirit)

Savunese Warrior Sumba is known throughout Indonesia as one of the last untouched place in the archipelago that the old animistic and monarch ways are still prevalence; it is also a place of warriors. For us spearfishermens  it is the place for fish, but there is a catch, the place is so rural that to    […]

Predict the currents and tide balinese ancestoral ways

The moon phases have guided the balinese fisherman for century. It has help them choose the best location, what type of bait and warning of danger in the ocean. This knowledge was pass down a long line of ancestry roots  originate from china. Few days before and after new moon and full moon the swell    […]

Dismantling a whole fresh 110 pounds Bigeye Tuna

Just got back from Benoa unloading my boat. Export all AA grade to Japan and decided to bring one home too. Usually I will earn range of USD $14-22 dollar per kg. So I only take A grade home or grade B. This time I wanted to eat the best quality from my boat. I    […]

I think we all have Ciguatera in Bali

Goodbye coral trouts and tasty reef fish I am not sure if this is the case in Indonesia, but i think Indonesian are immune to Ciguatera or the Indonesian marine department are telling the truth that only .01% of Indonesia water is affected. Most of the fish are sold in the local market and consume    […]

Renting Jukung in Bali

Over the years we have had good and bad experiences with renting jukung (outrigger) in Bali, the good ones are usually spread through word of mouth between fellow fishermens who lives in the island. Some jukung’s owner will try to squeeze every rupiah they can get out of you, therefore we at Bali Spearfishing would    […]

It could happen to any of us, read and learn!!

This is a post from a world renowned spear fishermen Cameron Kirkconnel and friends, i had to re-post this as this might one day save your life or your dive buddy  What it feels like to shoot your friend to save his life Before you read further, read this and keep it in the back    […]

When You Keep Your Catch, Use Every Part of It!

Catch and compost. OK, so you like a good fish dinner. You took your catch home, cleaned it, cooked it and ate it. But chances are, unless you’re a shark, you probably didn’t eat the whole fish. Don’t throw the rest away. We’re not suggesting that you make jewelry out of the bones. Instead, compost    […]

Mangrove Jack “Jarang gigi”

There are several location where you can find mangrove jacks. The juvenile Jacks are usually found in and around mangroves, estuaries and some freshwater streams whilst the adults generally live in offshore reefs down to 100 m. The Biggest mangrove jack i speared was in Belitung. It was in a school of 5-8. all of    […]

“Spearfishing & Fishing superstition”

Local and worldwide superstition about fishing: First of all rules you should know if you want to go to the ocean in Indonesia you should know that wearing a green shirt or anything green on you is  a very bad omen and therefore bad luck for all the people with you.  Also google” Nyi Roro    […]