The fish are found around Bali water, they are rated according to the best dining experiences, Rarity, and difficulty of hunting them.

 1. Longface Emperor ” ikan moncong”
Only been spotted by me and Arvid 5 time since the last 6 years. Found in sandy coastal areas, lagoons, and reef slopes. Juveniles are found in shallow sandy areas. Often occurs in large schools. Adults deep along coastal slopes and drop-offs, usually solitary. Arvid was the only one who manage to shot it. It was 5-7 kg Emperor.

Rating: Rare 5/5 Edibility 5 Star Difficulty 5/5

2. Jobfish “Kempar Pati
There is three place we ever saw jobfish,  west java, East Java and Flores. South Bali used to have healthy population but we never see them again. The Green Jobfish is a shallow-water snapper and, often found on coral reefs.

Rating: Rare 5/5 Edibility 5 Star Difficulty 5/5 

3. Maori Seaperch aka scribbled Snapper “Kampuh”
It can be found everywhere in Bali. There are some spot that have over 5kg size and some area are below 1kg.
 Rating: Rare 4/5 Edibility 5 Star Difficulty 4/5

4. Coral trout ” kerapu sunu”
Are found mostly East Bali and some area in North Bali. Coral trout are a warm water reef dweller with smaller fish inhabiting coral reefs and the larger fish found off deeper reefs around 10 – 20m in depth. Prefers areas where the reef drops off and has plenty of current.

 Rating: Rare 3/5 Edibility 5 Star Difficulty 3/5

5. Mangrove Jack “Ikan jarang gigi”
They are found in North Bali, West bali and south Bali.  They are attracted to snaggy areas of submerged trees and mangrove roots along the edges of estuaries, rivers and tidal creeks. Mature fish move out to offshore reefs.

 Rating: Rare 2/5 Edibility 4 Star Difficulty 3/5

6. Tripletail “Kakap hitam”
Found on most FAD in Bali. Tripletails prefer the mouths of rivers, passes and bays opening into the Gulf displaying some indifference to salinity. They congregate around ship-wrecks, buoys, boats, beacons, pilings, jetties and floating objects.Very easy to hunt and good eating to impress the ladies

 Rating: Rare 3/5 Edibility 4 Star Difficulty 1/5

7. Golden Trevally or GT “Jakal”
Found all around Bali, good fighting fish and good steaks.  They are found near reefs and rocky outcrops as well as coastal estuary systems. A schooling fish, often making migratory runs up and down the coast

 Rating: Rare 3/5 Edibility 3 Star Difficulty 2/5

8. Dolphinfish “Tumpek”
Found in north bali and east Bali. Good for the bbq and steak.

 Rating: Rare 3/5 Edibility 3 Star Difficulty 2/5

9. Reef Cod “Kerapu”
They are found on most of Bali healthy corals, or dropoff. Amazing taste when is prepare steam, with soy sauce, ginger and garlic sauce

 Rating: Rare 3/5 Edibility 4 Star Difficulty 3/5

10. Dogtooth Tuna
Dogtooth tuna frequent reef environments, with smaller fish being more commonly found near shallow reef areas and larger ones haunting deep reef drop off areas, sea-mounts and steep underwater walls. Dogtooth are generally solitary but sometime you can find them in school of 6 or less. They swim 10-100 meter deep(temperature ranging between 20-28 degree Celsius) for 15 kg up size , and you will be shocked to know where you can find the juvenile size in Bali, but  i will keep it as a secret, lets wait until they mature and fat enough!

Rating: Rare 5/5 Edibility 2 Star Difficulty 4/5

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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