Spearfishing tips

Top Ten Fish to hunt In Bali

The fish are found around Bali water, they are rated according to the best dining experiences, Rarity, and difficulty of hunting them.  1. Longface Emperor ” ikan moncong”Only been spotted by me and Arvid 5 time since the last 6 years. Found in sandy coastal areas, lagoons, and reef slopes. Juveniles are found in shallow    […]

Top Ten Fish you Shouldnt spear in the island of god.

The list is sorted according to rarity of the fish in Bali, Edibility, and endangered: 1. Napoleon Fish(Humphead Wrasse). Javanese fisherman are still targeting smaller napoleon fish and sold in Benoa or Kedongan market for special customers. The Napoleon population in Bali are located in few spot around Bali. They usually in school of 10-15    […]

“Kampuh” Maori Seaperch

“Kampuh” known in english as scribbled snapper (Lutjanus rivulatus). This my local favorite fish, perfect for the grill, fillet , steam and baked in the oven. Scribbled Snapper is best found behind the reef, where there are a lot of  ridges(underwater valley) with sand bed in the bottom. Also they are found in areas with    […]

“Tumpek” Mahi Mahi

“Tumpek” known in english as “Mahi Mahi”.  Knowing the Balinese name is very helpful and save you the trouble communicating with the  captain. Most of them have many experience of the area and will lead you directly to the best location. Your best luck to find Mahi Mahi is north Bali at the FADs, if    […]

“Ikan Tawah” Rabbitfish

“Ikan Tawah” known in english as “rabbitfish”, is one of the most favorite reef fish to eat of the Balinese. There are 2 kinds: One with a yellow spot next to the tail (Gold-saddle rabbitfish) which can grow up to 2kg, or the  white spotted rabbitfish  which can grow up to 300-400 grams. Don’t let    […]

Problem cooking your fish in Bali?

Chef Asier can transformed any type of fish to the best seafood meal you will ever have in your life!! Rather you’re on your holiday or a settler in Bali, having trouble with your catch from the sea. Get Asier to swing by and arrange a private dinner. From Top restaurant to remote surf camp    […]

Plan your next Spearfishing trip Better

My Tuna fishing vessel have you used past experience and Chlorophyll  information the last 5 years. It has help to pin point where the big giants of the Indian Ocean are feeding. Ocean color show the density of the Chlorophyll in the ocean. As you can see the south coast of Java in the picture on    […]

24 june 2011 Uluwatu trip

we start at 5:15 the wind was mild, small wave but cloudy. trolling from kedongan all the way to uluwatu. nothing! we saw a lot of squid fisherman on the way. we used a very cheap fish finder to find a good location, but it seem like everywhere we go is good but no bite.    […]

Fish season in Bali

Right Time to Fish according to the species:Mahi Mahi: Start from End of June- Late NovemberGiant Trevally,other trevally: Is good all yearMackerel: October- februarySkipjack and Yellowfin: July -OctoberScribbled Snapper: March- AprilDogtooth Tuna: Septemeber-January Emperor & jobfish: best when the water is warm start septemberPlease Spearfishing responsibly, protect our reef and ocean!! For more info contact    […]

Useful links to go spearfishing and fishing

Lunar Chart http://www.lake-link.com/moon/  Tide predictionhttp://easytide.ukho.gov.uk/EASYTIDE/EasyTide/SelectPrediction.aspx?PortID=5382 Swell Prediction http://magicseaweed.com/Uluwatu-Surf-Report/565/ Moonrise and sethttp://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=761&month=6&year=2011&obj=moon&afl=-1&day=1 Current, swell, wind, Chlorophyll, Sea Tempature, etc.. Joing the Premium service. http://www.buoyweather.com/index2.jsp