“Kampuh” known in english as scribbled snapper (Lutjanus rivulatus). This my local favorite fish, perfect for the grill, fillet , steam and baked in the oven.

Scribbled Snapper is best found behind the reef, where there are a lot of  ridges(underwater valley) with sand bed in the bottom. Also they are found in areas with a lot of volcanic rock formations or big corals. The water condition should be perfect visibility, Warm water(usually March-April) and during low tide. You can find a lot of the juvenile in the shallow areas behind the reef most of the year especially during the water is cold. For the bigger sizes, they are best found 10-20 metes down between the sand bed between the ridges.

1. They are very conscious around spear fisherman in Bali because is highly price fish for the locals hunters. Always make sure they don’t detect your presence and it will make it easier to hunt them. If they are aware of you, then be ready to hold your breath for 1-5 minutes. Like most reef fish, the ambush tactic works best!

2.Another trick you can do is try to stir the sand and it will make them curious and approach you closer.

3. Flashlight are useful if you have the patient to check all their hiding spots.

4. IMPORTANT: When you shot one they give a strong fight. Try your best to make sure is a kill shot if not secure the fish ASAP or else you will need to to chase them and pull them out from the holes.

About the Author -

Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.