“Tumpek” known in english as “Mahi Mahi”.  Knowing the Balinese name is very helpful and save you the trouble communicating with the  captain. Most of them have many experience of the area and will lead you directly to the best location. Your best luck to find Mahi Mahi is north Bali at the FADs, if you are more patient then look for floating debris from three or wash seaweed. Smallest school of mahi mahi around 2-3 fish. Most of the time i see school over 10 fish until 100. To find the big bull mahi mahi with big school of female, you will need to wait for the right month.

1. always aim for the bull first, when you shot the bull and the rest of the school will stick around because the female follow the bull. Mahi mahi are quiet easy because they swim on the surface. the trick is try to dive 1-3 meter deep and stay around that depth because the water is more calm. This will help you have better shot. Make sure to aim not to close to the stomach or else you will risk losing the fish because the fight with great strength. try to secure the catch asap. I have lost many mahi mahi due to poor aiming.

2. Try not to approach the fish, let the fish find you and this will help you get closer to the fish.

3. You can tell if mahi-mahi is around, because they are very easy to see  from the surface . Their distinctive bright  blue color make it is very easy to recognize.

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