West bali

Unexpected Hunting success in Bali

The view before the Dive A few days ago Eenk decided to try a new spot that he heard marvelous stories about it from the local villager. He heard tales about the good old days, when fish flourished and were abandoned on their doorsteps. Eenk will try anything even if the water is infested with    […]

Predict the currents and tide balinese ancestoral ways

The moon phases have guided the balinese fisherman for century. It has help them choose the best location, what type of bait and warning of danger in the ocean. This knowledge was pass down a long line of ancestry roots  originate from china. Few days before and after new moon and full moon the swell    […]

Kampuh playground march 21 2013

The location is only good a couple times a year. Our target fish the scribbled snapper. The water, weather, swell, tide , current were perfect for our playground to be filled with scribbled snapper. We started diving around 8 in the morning. The water visibility was perfect. I felt like a kid in a candy    […]

Friday the 13th – West Bali

Catch of the day = 3 Lobsters + 1 Rabbit Fish + 1 Trevally + 1 Grouper – 3 Mobile phone – 2 Wallets – 4 ATM cards – 2 Credit cards – 2 driving licenses – 1 ID – 2 Board shorts and – a lot of nerves! Well that’s what we call statistics..    […]

Most Expensive lobsters and fishies

Last weekend Luc and i went to my all time fave place to Spearfishing in the south Bali, it’s not a fantastic fishing ground yet some perseverance and patience always pays off in the end. We checked the forecast, and the tide difference was only 0.6 m swell height is 3 ft so we were    […]

Eenk-Eenk Trophy fish 12/4/2012

We started early in the morning, the water visibility was poor, medium current, no wind, swell was 2 ft. We were looking for scribble snapper and grouper. Majority of them was too small, only saw 2 snapper around 1 kg range. Arvid also saw the same size fish and couple grouper. Luc was having problem    […]

West Bali 24th September

New moon, water was murky visibility 4 meter, and no fish accept for small Rabbit-fish in school of thousands. I felt like i was in the middle of a bait-ball. Start looking for lobster in usual place and all the hole is empty. Just realize and the big boat in padang padang they are not    […]

Padang Padang 10 June 2011

Start spearfishing around 2 pm , water is cold, cloudly, swell was below 1 meter, and water visibility 5-10 meter. First shot was a rabbit fish, one of my favorite fish for the deep fried. Then found a rock full of lobster and got lazy a shot 1 kg lobster but the speartip didnt open    […]

24 june 2011 Uluwatu trip

we start at 5:15 the wind was mild, small wave but cloudy. trolling from kedongan all the way to uluwatu. nothing! we saw a lot of squid fisherman on the way. we used a very cheap fish finder to find a good location, but it seem like everywhere we go is good but no bite.    […]