The moon phases have guided the balinese fisherman for century. It has help them choose the best location, what type of bait and warning of danger in the ocean. This knowledge was pass down a long line of ancestry roots  originate from china.

Few days before and after new moon and full moon the swell are big and the current are very strong. This due to the moon and sun both gravitational forces combine create very high and very low tide.

Southern part of Bali fisherman has followed moon calendar that indicate on the 5th day after new moon or full moon the current start to weaken. Between 5th and 9th (called konda) day the current are mild. The low and high tide are usually either  on the  “morning rise” or “evening rise” (These time the fish are active: one hour before and one hour after high tides, and one hour before and one hour after low tides). Also another important note, fishing is better on an incoming tide after full moon until new moon (waning) and the opposite for outgoing tide is better fishing after new moon until full moon (waxing).

Northern part of Bali: The 8th day after new moon or full moon the current start to weaken,  between 8th and 12th day the current are mild  (called mande)

There a different factor that will alter the current and tide beside the moon phases:

  1.  When the barometer is indicating high pressure systems it will result low sea level affects (sunny days) opposite affect to low pressure high sea level (usually cloudy and rainy day)
  2. Swell will affect the speed of change in tide. if big swelll then the tide change process will be longer.
  3. Onshore wind will cause the tide to be higher, especially during storm. the opposite affect for offshore wind the tide level is lower.
  4. The geographic location also affect how you predict the tide. the shape of the shoreline, Bathymetry,  shape of the bays and estuaries.

( so local fisherman knowledge is very useful if your going to unfamiliar spearfishing spot)
Best date to go out fishing 2013:

March 17–23
April 15-22
May 15-22
June 13-20
July 13-20
August  12-19
September 10-17
October 10-17
November  8-15
December  8-15

Note: Please check weather and swell to maximize your catch

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