The view before the Dive
A few days ago Eenk decided to try a new spot that he heard marvelous stories about it from the local villager. He heard tales about the good old days, when fish flourished and were abandoned on their doorsteps. Eenk will try anything even if the water is infested with crocodiles! Unfortunately I couldn’t go because I had a bad flu; Bali weather has lately been very unforgiving to me and my family at home.
It didn’t take Eenk too long to start with some action; how he described the day was hard to believe; the Visibility was 3-4 M and the depth 5-7 M. The fish were approaching him in a close distance, from every directions, and it didn’t stop until the next hour.

Like usually barramundi do, they would approach you slowly and sometime you cannot tell the size if the fish is heading to you head to head. As soon as it turns you will be surprised by the size and make sure that you take a good shot at the fish.  You will also find barramundi hiding between rocks and not moving much. The smaller size barramundi will come in school and they don’t waste time, so do not wait for the biggest one because they will disappear in a glimpse!

The hunt was successful with a long list of catch:

  • Mangrove jack 5 3-4 kg size, 
  • 1 Baramundi 6 kg and 
  • 1 Grouper 7 kg, 
  • Bream 10 1-2 kg size 
  •  5 rabbit fish .5 -1.5 kg.

Arvid, Eenk and I wanted to try our luck and we went to the same location a week afterwards. The water visibility was the same and the fish scattered because it was high tide. However, we managed to bring back a 5 kg grouper, a 6 kg mangrove jack and big smiles on our faces back home!

5 KG steam soy sauce Grouper

About the Author -

Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.


  • Nelis Muller

    Hey Guys, very happy yo see this blog and was hoping it would help me. I have been in bali for three months now and my time is coming to an end! I have recently been taking weekend trips to lembongan for spearfishing but I have been trying to find some local spots here or guides? I have acces to a boat and is based out of benoa, but would like a local guide who knows the waters. Could you point me in the right direction maybe? Thanks. Nelis

  • Bali Spearo

    Hi Nelis,

    Lembongan and penida is to busy with tourist. There are some good location in penida but you must go there on the right condition. Please email me at I can recomend you to guide, who will acompany you to right location.

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