Last weekend Luc and i went to my all time fave place to Spearfishing in the south Bali, it’s not a fantastic fishing ground yet some perseverance and patience always pays off in the end. We checked the forecast, and the tide difference was only 0.6 m swell height is 3 ft so we were pretty certain water is gonna be clear beautiful sunny blue sky, soon as we enter the water visibility turns out quite bad at around 4 meter at the most.

After around five hrs in the water with limited visibility i started to go inside every rocks checking any possibilities for big grouper, mangrove jack, scribble snapper, and finally good ol’ lobsters.. Results were :  3 lobsters and a rabbit fish, luc followed with grouper and on the way in a trvally.

It wasn’t bad at all to be honest its also good to know that the lobsters are still there, and i did spotted few big grouper over 8 kilos inside those rocks, but they’re way to cheeky to hunt without a spotlight.

climbing up the rocks back into the car ready to grab our phone to take shots of our catch, we got the big surprise some F*&$!! had broken into the car and nick 3 cell phones 4atm cards, 2 credit cards, id and licenses, even towel and my boardshort!!!! it is the first time it happens after 5 yrs spearfishing at this empty beach, it was really annoying!!! but at least the lobsters and fish were great meals…

Lesson learnt: as uncle peter said w his post of fishing superstitious do not fish on friday its bad omen, it was Friday the 13th Anyway hahahah…!!

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Well spearfishing on friday is badluck guys! anyways the lobster was excellent!