We started early in the morning, the water visibility was poor, medium current, no wind, swell was 2 ft. We were looking for scribble snapper and grouper.

Majority of them was too small, only saw 2 snapper around 1 kg range. Arvid also saw the same size fish and couple grouper. Luc was having problem with his goggle and weight belt.

Eng-eng he manage to catch decent size scribble snapper, rabbit fish and his last fish was a trophy. He shot 15-20 kg Giant Trevally. He was around 4-5 meter deep and he saw 2 GT heading his direction the first one was smaller but the second one was the biggest. It was clean shot! We try to eat it sashimi but there was to many worm in it(25 cm long thin worm).

Eng Eng, Gayvid, and Luc

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