we start at 5:15 the wind was mild, small wave but cloudy. trolling from kedongan all the way to uluwatu. nothing! we saw a lot of squid fisherman on the way. we used a very cheap fish finder to find a good location, but it seem like everywhere we go is good but no bite. Lars lost 350 gram jig, i think it was a shark, because the 50 cm of the line to the jig  has a lot  scrap, it seem like a very sharp teeth.

Saw a dugong and lots of surfer but the water is merky~!!!!! and COLD!!! so stop by padang padang. nothing special, lots of jellyfish! headed back.

FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO RENT BOAT FROM KEDONGAN BE CAREFUL WITH MR KETUT!! (The place is located in kedongan, he has a sign of 3 guys holding a marlin, believe me the sign is fake he has no clue about fishing!!! the whole trip he was not useful and rude) His wife is very sneaky. she overcharge us for the trip. i ve been all over bali fishing, spearfishing, but this lady is rude, and charging us too much, i can end up in nusa penida with the money lars paid. MRS Ketut sorry u just lost me and all my friend as a potential future customer!!

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.


  • tazman

    apparently Kedongan is a no go!!
    I will be in Uluwatu this July and trying to find some ideas on the spearfishing conditions over there. Looking for small boat or guide (an honest one) or even shore entry locations.
    please let me know if you have any suggestions. thanks.

  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Padang Padang is always good for shore entry. Also bingin where all the small restuarant and surf spot.

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