scribbled snapper

East Sumba Hospitality

Are you looking for an unusual calm, relaxing and uniquely new place unaltered by the forces of globalization and enjoy a rewarding fishing trip? Let me take you to an island in east Indonesia called Sumba, and to a particular location of this island called east of Sumba. How do you get there? There are    […]

Kampuh playground march 21 2013

The location is only good a couple times a year. Our target fish the scribbled snapper. The water, weather, swell, tide , current were perfect for our playground to be filled with scribbled snapper. We started diving around 8 in the morning. The water visibility was perfect. I felt like a kid in a candy    […]

Eenk solo session at south east bali 15 jan 2013

 Eenk was one the luckiest to be living 2 minute away from the ocean and don’t forget his work is also under the sea. So he took advantage of the nice day and dive at 2pm on Monday afternoon. Visibility was 5-6 meter, it was also high tide. 2 hour diving he was quiet busy    […]

South bali 6 dec 2012 ” eenk sea turtle hero”

We start diving around 8 in the morning, water visibility was not good. No mackerel, no gt, or even barracuda anto favorite target. The boys manage to shoot local favorite fish unicorn fish, Gold-saddle rabbitfish and octopus. Second spot visibility was excellent but no scribbled snapper or emperor. There was plenty of sweetlips close to    […]

Extreme south-western tip of java 17-21 september

The title of this blog say it all. The jungle in the national park is hardly penetrable, is dark and mysterious. Inside the pristine forest , are left hidden from the human the shy endangered Javanese rhino, the allusive leopard, the famous javan Banteng and many other wildlife. It took us 5 hour to reach    […]

South bali 18 August 2012

Boys: 4kg scribbled snapper,  4.5 kg Green Jobfish, Trevallies, Queen fish, Sweet lip, and Peter: Malboro lights. The boat was a nightmare, there was expose fiberglass all over the boat that need proper finishing. We all suffered from fiberglass rash and ridiculous itchiness during the whole boat ride. Second problem, its too windy and huge    […]

Top Ten Fish to hunt In Bali

The fish are found around Bali water, they are rated according to the best dining experiences, Rarity, and difficulty of hunting them.  1. Longface Emperor ” ikan moncong”Only been spotted by me and Arvid 5 time since the last 6 years. Found in sandy coastal areas, lagoons, and reef slopes. Juveniles are found in shallow    […]

“Kampuh” Maori Seaperch

“Kampuh” known in english as scribbled snapper (Lutjanus rivulatus). This my local favorite fish, perfect for the grill, fillet , steam and baked in the oven. Scribbled Snapper is best found behind the reef, where there are a lot of  ridges(underwater valley) with sand bed in the bottom. Also they are found in areas with    […]