We start diving around 8 in the morning, water visibility was not good. No mackerel, no gt, or even barracuda anto favorite target. The boys manage to shoot local favorite fish unicorn fish, Gold-saddle rabbitfish and octopus.

Second spot visibility was excellent but no scribbled snapper or emperor. There was plenty of sweetlips close to but is not my cup of tea. I end up swimming with whitetip to have some enterteiment. Again the boys shoot local favorite ela ela, batfish, unicorn fish and sweetlips.

Third spot the water visibility was getting worse, i manage to see one scribbled snapper who swam away as soon as he see me diving down, anto amd eenk experience the same thing. There was few trevally but kept its distance. Anto end up with few rabbitfish.

The last dive we move back to the first spot and the visibility was terrible. I stop diving the boys kept going. No one shot anything but eenk manage to come back with nylon string, plastic, diaper, squid bait, hooks, rope , seaweed and small clams. We are all clueless why he brought back to the boat. He explain all that came from  50cm wide turtle tangled with all that. The front arm was heavily infected and almost came off. Judging from the looks of all the item, it looks like it has been on turtle for months. He explain that the turtle was able to use the arm to swim again but very slow.

Sadly in bali the local consider seaturtle meat as a delicacy. Balinese still used turtle for offering in certain ceremony and the meat are serve daily at ketewel, sanur and serangan island. Usually is serve as sate and lawar. The sea turtle are harvested from the wild around bali and neighbouring islands.

Everyone can save turtle like eenk eenk, by supporting seaturtle organization. Please support them and save more turtles..


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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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