gold-saddle rabbitfish

Unexpected Hunting success in Bali

The view before the Dive A few days ago Eenk decided to try a new spot that he heard marvelous stories about it from the local villager. He heard tales about the good old days, when fish flourished and were abandoned on their doorsteps. Eenk will try anything even if the water is infested with    […]

South bali 6 dec 2012 ” eenk sea turtle hero”

We start diving around 8 in the morning, water visibility was not good. No mackerel, no gt, or even barracuda anto favorite target. The boys manage to shoot local favorite fish unicorn fish, Gold-saddle rabbitfish and octopus. Second spot visibility was excellent but no scribbled snapper or emperor. There was plenty of sweetlips close to    […]

Friday the 13th – West Bali

Catch of the day = 3 Lobsters + 1 Rabbit Fish + 1 Trevally + 1 Grouper – 3 Mobile phone – 2 Wallets – 4 ATM cards – 2 Credit cards – 2 driving licenses – 1 ID – 2 Board shorts and – a lot of nerves! Well that’s what we call statistics..    […]

Most Expensive lobsters and fishies

Last weekend Luc and i went to my all time fave place to Spearfishing in the south Bali, it’s not a fantastic fishing ground yet some perseverance and patience always pays off in the end. We checked the forecast, and the tide difference was only 0.6 m swell height is 3 ft so we were    […]

“Ikan Tawah” Rabbitfish

“Ikan Tawah” known in english as “rabbitfish”, is one of the most favorite reef fish to eat of the Balinese. There are 2 kinds: One with a yellow spot next to the tail (Gold-saddle rabbitfish) which can grow up to 2kg, or the  white spotted rabbitfish  which can grow up to 300-400 grams. Don’t let    […]

West Sunda Strait

GT Dolphin Arvid was on tears watching them swim Sea turtle make all of us happy Sea Eagle, good sign of healthy envrionment Wild Boar Monitor Lizard Python

Padang Padang 10 June 2011

Start spearfishing around 2 pm , water is cold, cloudly, swell was below 1 meter, and water visibility 5-10 meter. First shot was a rabbit fish, one of my favorite fish for the deep fried. Then found a rock full of lobster and got lazy a shot 1 kg lobster but the speartip didnt open    […]