Waking up on Monday  morning at 3:30 took a lot of effort! Thanks to yerbas mate tea it solved all the problem. Dimas showed up late, is his first spearfishing trip and Enk showed  at 4:00 am already smoking Kretek cigarette. 5:00 am we head straight to East Bali to hunt.

I haven’t seen Ketut the boat owner for 2 year and he is one of my favorite, he never judge or question my demand. He so patience and chilled.

Before sunrise we were heading to the first spot. A bit nervous about the visibilty but it payoff waking up extra early to watch the beautiful sunrise. The water is great and visibility was acceptable. We didnt see any Dogtooth or big GT. Only saw 1.5 kg skipjack and few grouper.

 The next spot was the same nothing worth pulling the trigger, but it was good dive. happy to see sea turtle on both spot and some whitetip.

Third spot is where i encounter  big Dogtooth in the past but today result was nil. We chum the whole area but no sign of them. The place is also a favorite spot for local jiggers. Ketut also said the whole year his customers only caught one 40 kg  Dogtooth. Is sad to hear that and is even more sad not to see any big fish. Enk manage to shoot a small GT and that was the highlight of the third spot.

second spot good visibility

Heading back from the third spot

The last spot was our last hope in bringing dinner home. The visibility was really poor, Milky on the top but clear on bottom. I have no choice but to start shooting anything decent, which was Rainbow runners for fish and chips. Then queen fish start coming when i still have the rainbow runner on shaft. As soon as i reload they were gone. It was nice 3-5 kg size. Then me and enk start shooting more rainbow runner and i shot trevally. But the queen fish is nowhere to be seen.The last spot is famous for Mangrove jack and Scribbled snapper but they all decided to chilled at their hiding spots.

Overall it was a nice day at the ocean, we save in total 5 turtle in different spot, enk saw the biggest one in his life, so it must be a huge one. We also saw solo dolphin, it either sick or ready to give birth because it was swimming in seclude bay. There was few 1 kg size Dogtooth hopefully it will grow and get super fat soon to reach a good size. We also saw 10kg size school of rainbow runner but dissapeared in a second. Thank you to Dimas for all the nice Picture and hopefully one day will join us future hunting trips.

Dimas chilling
Steam Coral trout
Dinner for the children Rainbow runner

About the Author -

Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.


  • Fabio Hofer

    very nice how u fry the fish peter !!!!ey did u meet my brother? sure he would love to fishing with u guys !!!! fabio

  • Roman from SpearoBlog

    Peter that steamed Trout looks tasty! Any chance you can post the recipe?

  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Roman the recipe is very simple.
    Light soya sauce
    Sesame seed oil
    Spring onion
    Red pepper

    1. Marinated the fish with salt and pepper. Put 2 whole garlic inside the stomach and ginger
    2. Steam the fish with a plate enough to hold the broth
    3. When the fish is half cook pour light soya sauce all over the fish and sesame seed oil 1-2 tablespoon
    4. Add red pepper , spring onion and ginger on top fish
    5. Fried some small dice of garlic with vegatable oil until is crispy.
    6. When the fish is cook poor the fried garlic with some oil all over the fish.

  • ikanea

    Hi guys,
    my name's Louis i am leaving in Jakarta and i am coming to Bali oftenly. i am looking for buddys to go spearfish. any chance to join you? Right now i am in Bali my phone number in any case 0813 1145 2541.

  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Sure i will give you a call after new year. We will plan a big one to celebrate 2013.

  • Bill Newman

    Hi Peter
    My wife and I are heading to Bali feb 24- march 12
    I would love to have the chance to get a dogtooth. I have landed many fish here in Hawaii. And deal with some mean currents from time to time. Please email me a reply as to how I go about meeting you? Finding gear to rent? And someone to dive with? I'm level 2 certified through Fii. And it's our 25th wedding anniversary. I would love to have a trip of a life time"

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