Friday the 13th – West Bali

Catch of the day = 3 Lobsters + 1 Rabbit Fish + 1 Trevally + 1 Grouper – 3 Mobile phone – 2 Wallets – 4 ATM cards – 2 Credit cards – 2 driving licenses – 1 ID – 2 Board shorts and – a lot of nerves! Well that’s what we call statistics..    […]

Most Expensive lobsters and fishies

Last weekend Luc and i went to my all time fave place to Spearfishing in the south Bali, it’s not a fantastic fishing ground yet some perseverance and patience always pays off in the end. We checked the forecast, and the tide difference was only 0.6 m swell height is 3 ft so we were    […]

Eenk-Eenk Trophy fish 12/4/2012

We started early in the morning, the water visibility was poor, medium current, no wind, swell was 2 ft. We were looking for scribble snapper and grouper. Majority of them was too small, only saw 2 snapper around 1 kg range. Arvid also saw the same size fish and couple grouper. Luc was having problem    […]