Anto with 15KG Barracuda

Anto and Eenk was so suborn despite the big swell on Wednesday. They still went and dive without a boat. The visibility was only 7-8 meter. Fish are coming from back . Like usual there is few Trevally and lots of reef fish. The most interesting one is Anto catch with is kill shot 15 Kg Barracuda. Another fun day at the office for the boys.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.


  • De Luc’s

    damn peter we should have gone!

  • Anonymous

    congratulations on your great blog.
    I am an avid spearfisherman coming to Bali in 2 weeks. Do you do charters / take people out spearfishing?

  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Hi Manuel, sorry we all just got back from 3 day trip in west java. Where do you want to go? Reef ? Blue water? We have fisherman around bali that you can contact. If ur planning to go on south bali is better go with our friend eenk.

  • David Aeneas Giger

    Hi Peter
    I've intended to contact you already a while ago, but couldn't find your email. I came across your blog by accident – I was looking for infos about ciguatera here in Bali. And then I was really surprised that I not only found the information I was looking for, but also a photo of my friend Antok with a big barracuda. He already told me a lot about you, but anyhow it never happened that we met…But I'm sure sooner or later it will happen – I also became a passionate spearfisherman this year.
    I think you do a great job with your blog and I really enjoy following it. So please keep blogging!
    Cheers and thanks David

  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Hi David, yes antok mention about you. Come over to indo and we plan a big trip with all the boys. The last 2 month bali was on fire with abadon of fish. Not sure about the wet season but north bali have great number yellowfin visitor and mahi mahi. I think they stick around until christmas.. Keep in touch. My email is

  • Anonymous

    7-8 ft swell that day and strong wind. They were lucky to able to go back to the shore close, or else they will need to catch an ojek back.

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