Chris Simatis 2 day Spearfishing trip to North and East Bali

First Day We went to East Bali , Visibility of the water was Excellent. We hunt at seamount and etoll. The result was satisfactory, We caught Spanish Mackerel, Bigeye Trevally, Green Jobfish, Midnight Snapper and Rainbow runner Captain John and Chris holding up there catch The Next Trip We went to North Bali reef. Visibility    […]

4 Day trip West Sumbawa Ahmed, Osama and Mohhamed

Traveling To Sumbawa is always fun because you encounter many surprise in Airport, fast boat or Ferry. You get a little preview of Lombok and Sumbawa from Land and Sea. Ahmed, Muhammad, and Osama was good group to Host. We share a lot of laughter, they are willing to try and go through adventure into    […]

2 spearfishing Trip in North Bali

First day we start spearfishing early in the morning at the FAD. The effort of waking up extra early payoff. We were greeted by  mahi mahi, amberjack , rainbow runner and Wahoo. We had no luck getting close to the wahoo, but manage to shoot some mahi mahi and amberjack. On the way back we    […]

Underwater rambo short trip to East Bali

Eastern Bali during this month is the month of love for the manta ray. So you can see hundred of them everywhere. Matteo try to join the party but was shortly left out. He is not the manta type. Manta Ray Swimming at The Bay Then he hunting begin, he shot a good size maori    […]

Indra West Sumbawa ocean hunter

Indra was born in Lombok –neighboring island of Bali. He has been freediving since 1997. He learned spear-fishing and freediving from his cousin in Lombok. He stopped spear-fishing from 1999 to 2000, when he took a job in the “Blue Coral Diving” company. He started spear-fishing again in 2001 until now.   In addition to    […]

Eid Al-Adah

Some people on our humble little island got together to slaughter some goats and start one of the biggest Muslim holidays of the year. We decided to book a boat and see what there is to catch around Bali and some of the outer islands. Our trip started at 8 am in Tanjung Benoa and    […]

South bali 18 October 2012

Today trip was short notice and we need to find the right spot because we are hosting a  local tv show called ” Petualang” its hosted by our friend Al. I was unfortunately sick with flu but i didn’t give up, i called  Mr Ketut his famous painful massage. He massage the nerve that connect    […]

29 August 2012 South East Bali

Anto with 15KG Barracuda Anto and Eenk was so suborn despite the big swell on Wednesday. They still went and dive without a boat. The visibility was only 7-8 meter. Fish are coming from back . Like usual there is few Trevally and lots of reef fish. The most interesting one is Anto catch with    […]

Eenk Hendra aka fish finder or kretek lung

38 kg Barracuda West Java Eenk a scuba instructor by profession, and a mad spear-fishermen from Pangandaran West Java. His love to the ocean started when he was very young where he use to company his father snorkeling collecting tropical marine fish.Throughout the years Eenk have caught many incredible trophy fish, all over Java and    […]