3 day trip spearfishing at the eastern part of Bali is like running a marathon for 3 day. We experience strong current, unfriendly swell, but its all worth it because we witness school of dogtooth tuna, GT and plenty of giant reef fish..

Day 1:

Spearfishing in East Bali is a nice Challenge , the fish are smart the spots are variating in depth around 5-15m, everything can be found from big midnight snappers, maori seaperch, red seabass , job fish , and the occasional swimming by Giant Trevally.  Justin our customer already was on the island and booked a 2 days trip to go spearfishing with us, i arrived the day before and cusulted him on the evening whats about to happen the next f

ew days and what we are going to do, organised our boatman so everyone is on the same page and there wont be any miscommunication.

Next next morning at 6am I picked justin up from his Hotel and we made our way on the scooter to Made’s house and grabbed all our gear and walked it down the beach to the boat, the Tide was very low so we had to slowly drive out of the bay to not damage the propeller of the engine, after we hit deep water we started steaming out with 25knots heading for our first fishing spot on the side of nusa Penida the island next to Nusa lembongan, 
Stunning coastline
We geared up and had a quick communication how the spot looks like, how to hunt it and where to look.
As we jump in the water is a bit colder due to incoming tide and the upwelling of the colder water from the deep , and its early in the morning where the sun is still low , perfect hunting conditions since the fish wont be able to see our shadows and we can sneak up easily, 
i went down and did a bottom time, and spotted few Maori Seaperch but they where really shy , also few midnight snapper but since it was just the warmup dives my Mammalian dive reflex was not fully in action yet. So we let the fish be and hope we can shot them another day.
We left the bay for another bay to show some other reef fish species  and ended up with few sweetlip and dived few caves which where really cool, the structure in East Bali are awesome, sometimes you don’t need the gun and can just enjoy the freediving part. The big caves and rocks are perfect hideouts for Red Seabass so you always keep an eye open and try to maximise your bottom times and hiding skills. 

Hotel View
We dived bit along the coast and then decided to change the scenery to a beach break where we can find some Maori seaperch, the swell was around 4feet so the spot had lots of surge but the more active the fish are, we tried our luck at few nice 10kg seaperch but due to moving surge underwater at the point of shooting we got moved, it’s a nice smart and challenging fish, which ends up not only as perfect food but an amazing trophy for every spear fisherman. As the day passes by hunting the fish , we slowly get tired and decided to finish after 6hours of diving to be ready for the next day. 

Day 2:

On that trip we are a bigger team , as Alexander and Peter join us for some hunting
We swap it out to be more exciting , Alexander joined up with me to hunt some big trophy GT’s and Justin went with Peter to slay reef fish.
In the first spot we experience some murky water , despite that fact we still jump in , the swell was big too so we couldn’t get to close to the wall but managed to do some good dives,

Offshore lifestyle
Alex dove down and shot a perfect sized Golden Trevally for Sashimi and we both where stoked, but the conditions were getting worse so we decided to move spot to another bay and hunt for some reef fish.
Justin and Peter seen many reef fish but due to surge the hunting was hard and they shot few parrot fish for dinner that day.
In the next spot Alex and I did some few deep drops on a Seamoun, i’ve spotted a big Giant Trevally on my first drop and called Alex over so he can have a go with his custom made Andre Speargun Quad Roller on the big dark GT (approx 35kg) despite the current we had to fight we stayed at the spot at hoped for something big to pass by , but as we know the famous GT sometimes they just patrol the area and that guy was a patrolling one , he didn’t return and continued to look for his lunch at the next pit stop.
Peter and Justin landed a nice jobfish and travally when they where hunting in the reef, which is an amazing catch and perfect sashimi as we know the famous job fish for his soft white flesh.
Green Jobfish, Parrotfish and Trevally

After around 7h we all been tired but wanted to save our energy for the next day because thats when the action begins!! 

Day 3:

We shot a unicorn fish to bring out the big boys and it works like a charm. The first batch was 30-50 GTs  average size was 20 kg.  The biggest was atleast 40kg to 50 kg. Hubert Shot a 19kg GT.

The second batch after the GT was shot the fish we all waiting for the famous Dogtooth Tuna.  3 Doggie 10-20 Kg size, then not long after 20-40 kg size in group of 20-30.. We try our best to come close but the attempt was not successful.

Heavy gear for the big boys!!

later of the day Hubert attempt to shot few Green Jobfish but the jobby manage to break off.. but he manage to secure 2  small doggy for sashimi lunch.  To sum up all the trip we are very happy that nature still manage to fight back. The spot that we visited have been overfish the last 10 year. But what we saw that day put a big smile in our face.

I have great respect for famous doggy spot, my advise you must always dive save, dont take any risk, and think positive. On Day 3 i almost fainted twice due to equalizing problem, i experience extreme dizzyness going up to the surface after a dive and lost balance. luckly i have my bouy not to far and i quickly hang on to it to rest. For 2 weeks i have problem with migrane and low blood pressure. The problem was blood was not flowing properly to my head. A quick fix by mr Ketut, my migrane and blood probem dissapear. Healing Bali style…

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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