Beautiful Couple

The catch: Drummer, Coronation Trout and Midnight snapper
We started the day with some basic Freediving and spearfishing technique to hunt at the shallow for some yummy Reef fish. After 1 hour of practicing we took the gun out and start hunting fish. They were both natural hunter, which both were suprise of their abilities.  
After the dive we all went to the local Restaurnt and my favorite Chef Cook 3 different Balinesse recipe out of the fish. Fish Sate, Steam fish wrap with banana with balinesse bumbu, Grilled fish and whole Steamed grouper. The food was acompany with Red rice , sambal matah and Balinesse vegetables.
Great way to end a hunt with full stomache..
Steamed Coronation trout
Beautful Prepare meal after the hunt
The excellent chef

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