7 Day trip with Liliana and Blaise in North Bali and East Bali
We started in North Bali with Spearfishing, and doing some spearfishing training in the shallow waters of north bali where we could prepare our hunting skills befor the big game fishing in east bali we planned to do in the next 5 days.

The View on the way to the North

 As we meet in the hotel where we had a quick briefing of what we are going to do the next few days and explained the plan of the whole trip and purpose and what we would be able to see during the next few days.

Packed up Jukung befor the dive

We do a full on gear briefing befor we jump into the adventure and how to use the guns, and get used to the equipment and how to properly handle it.

Fun Times in the Jukung

Then we started exploring the coast around north bali and after all the briefing we jumping into the water


Day 2
In the morning befor the spearfishing we have done a short breath-hold course for spearfishing to increase our chances and hunting abilities in the open water.
Liliana did 2 amazing minutes and Blaise did amazing 3minutes in the morning!!
Breath Training

On the way to 3 minutes

We started in the afternoon due to tidal movments so we have the best chances of catching fish and the good visibility.

That day we ended up catching a nice sized Bluefin trevally which they prepared in the restaurant later on for dinner.

Brining the catch to the boat

Day 3

We meet at the Harbour to cross to East Bali with the ferry.

As we arrived we checked into our hotel and prepared all the gear for the boat so we are ready for the adventure.

We travel around east bali to find our good fishing spots and enjoying the views of the landscapes and ocean.


Day 4

We started early morning following the tides and went into few diffrent spots to have a high chance of shooting few fish,
that morning everything was going crazy and the jumped into the water and saw the fish jumping ontop of the surface and it was alot of excitment that day, the currents where not easy but we ended up with a beautiful catch for the end of the day we have been stalking fish and swimming alot for it.

Blaise with his amazing catch of a bluefin trevally

Day 5

That day we will not forget because the experience of all the Dolphins and freediving with big Gts was awesome, we changed up few spots and went to checkout some freediving spots for the change of the trip.

Free diving 

 Hunting Practice

Hunting around

Freediving in some crystal clear waters

Amazing GT patroling around us

Day 6

The beauty of spearfishing is that it can always be a big suprise and you never know what happens during the next dive, suddenly everything can change.
We went out during the afteroon and decided to come back abit later so we can see the sunset from the boat.

On the last spot we checked I dived down abit deeper and decided to have alook on the ledge and encoutnered a school of dogtooth tuna which i took the chance to shoot.


Dogtooth and Small GT

Later that day when we returned to the hotel we had the amazing experince to try the dogtooth sashimi , prepared for liliana and blaise that evening and everyone loved it because it was so fresh ,

we kept the fish on ice in our good kill bag that keep the fish fresh and good during the hot weather here in bali since we want to enjoy the catch to the fullest!!!

Preparing Sashimi

The days passed quickly and we had alot of fun.. spearfishing in the North and East and enjoying some of the freshess fish caught by ourselves.

Trip with Liliana and Blaise 5- 11th of August Guided by Hubert.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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