Start early at 6 am. trolling but no luck! stop for bottom fishing, only the little fish is interested. then we move to another spot near Famous 5 star Hotel. I havent been back to that spot for 3 years. The first dive i was greeted by a 10 kg scrible snapper, but there is a reason why it is 10kg it was smart  and run away when it saw me.

Then first shot was unicorn fish  then i caught an octopus with my bare hands. 30 min after, a school 100 yellow Trevally. swim around me and of course my bad habit i waited for the biggest one, took a shot but it was a bit too late and hit right in the lower half of the spine. The fish give a big fight. It hit the reef and got stuck and the spear ripped off. I load the gun again and tried to take another shot but the school of yellow trevally kept it distance.

preparing  Octopus

Not long after that i saw 1 kg grouper, perfect shot, when i was going to hook to the bouy , the octopus made a big mess. While i tried to untangle the octopus i put spear and fish lock between my arm. All of a sudden i saw the grouper swimming in front of me. so it was the second fish that got away from me.

Anyways i am happy with my octopus and unicorn fish.

Lawar octopus.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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  • tazman

    heading to uluwatu (Alila Villas) in July. Any suggestions on spearfishing in that area? are there guides or small boats to rent? any possible shore access or reef hunting?

    please email:


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