First day in Baluran the water is merky, so i wasted a lot of dive for nothing. Luckly there was 2 1 kg mangrove jack that made my day,and 1 small one. also shot a grouper. I couldnt shoot any 5 kg grouper because they run and hide no matter what. i also couldn’t get close to few different kind of  trevally. There was a huge school of small amberjack and pomfret but i didn’t even bother to shoot.

The next day i am not sure whether the hangover is affecting my dive or bad luck i am not sure. i also shoot the gun twice the whole day. Saw more trevally, grouper and mangrove jack but no luck and getting a good range to shoot.

The last day we went to different spot. Swim with sea turtle for a bit and then start looking for fish. but this spot is worst from all the new spot we explore. No fish at all and merky water.

Dinner mangrove jack

Well the highlight of the trip arvid manage to take a lot of nice wildlife photo in national park, amazing bbq and never ending supply of beer Bintang.

Our annoying neighbour during our stay at baluran
Timor deer
The National Park

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  • matte

    hey guys no more posts since january ??? season is on ….many gt s and some mahi magi around the bukit


  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    sadly, it has been a busy month for all of us. I’ve been occupied with my Tuna vessel, and my friend is assigned in Kalimantan. mostly likely next week i ll be heading to north Bali.. where about are the Mahi Mahi in Bukit?

  • dawn massendra

    baluran is poor of fish but rich on envirinonment
    why dont try jigging at bali strait or fishing at menjangan island theres lot of huge fish, marlin tuna mahi mahi wahoo g.grouper etc..
    cek my blog if you are want to see..:)

  • Peter Joseph Oprandi Arnany

    Balarun is good for coral trout and mangrove jack and is good place to relax and surrounded by nature. menjangan island is also good but is heavily being overfish. we also cant dive there..