7 Day Trip with Liliana and Blaise

7 Day trip with Liliana and Blaise in North Bali and East Bali We started in North Bali with Spearfishing, and doing some spearfishing training in the shallow waters of north bali where we could prepare our hunting skills befor the big game fishing in east bali we planned to do in the next 5    […]

Best seafood in the island of gods

1. Sea Urchin try gold banded snapper is cook with perfection. If you want to impress your gf or boss wife to fancy dining, this is the right place to go. Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2. Take japanese restaurant, if you miss out on lobster in bali. Try the fresh live lobster sashimi!  it melts in your mouth.    […]

Fish with many names

I am a bit worried and disgusted by the popularity of the usage of Escalor aka Butterfish, Oilfish, white tuna , Ikan Setan and many other names. Why the local fisherman call it “Ikan Setan” is because of the Keriorrhoea affect it has on the person who consumes the fish.Escolar’s diet contains food high in    […]

Problem cooking your fish in Bali?

Chef Asier can transformed any type of fish to the best seafood meal you will ever have in your life!! Rather you’re on your holiday or a settler in Bali, having trouble with your catch from the sea. Get Asier to swing by and arrange a private dinner. From Top restaurant to remote surf camp    […]