Day trip at the FAD/Rumpon

The water condition was perfect, no swell or wind. We cruise to the FAD smoothly. When we arrive there were litter lay hundred of Mahi maui surrounding us. It didn’t take long until Antok start shooting and filling up the cool box. There were few Wahoo also. Watch the video and it will explain how    […]

2 spearfishing Trip in North Bali

First day we start spearfishing early in the morning at the FAD. The effort of waking up extra early payoff. We were greeted by  mahi mahi, amberjack , rainbow runner and Wahoo. We had no luck getting close to the wahoo, but manage to shoot some mahi mahi and amberjack. On the way back we    […]

East bali 17 December 2012

Waking up on Monday  morning at 3:30 took a lot of effort! Thanks to yerbas mate tea it solved all the problem. Dimas showed up late, is his first spearfishing trip and Enk showed  at 4:00 am already smoking Kretek cigarette. 5:00 am we head straight to East Bali to hunt. I haven’t seen Ketut    […]

Eid Al-Adah

Some people on our humble little island got together to slaughter some goats and start one of the biggest Muslim holidays of the year. We decided to book a boat and see what there is to catch around Bali and some of the outer islands. Our trip started at 8 am in Tanjung Benoa and    […]

“Spearfishing & Fishing superstition”

Local and worldwide superstition about fishing: First of all rules you should know if you want to go to the ocean in Indonesia you should know that wearing a green shirt or anything green on you is  a very bad omen and therefore bad luck for all the people with you.  Also google” Nyi Roro    […]