Day 1:
We arrive to Bunutan Village, didnt waste any time and head staright to Cpatain House and had some tea and cofee and 15 min later we are on the Jukung heading to some of the reef spot. First 1 hour we were outsmart by Maori Seaperch and Bigeye Seabream aka MU. Change location and did more drift and again we were teased by the cheeky Maori Seaperch. Not long after Liam saw GT and land solid shot. It was his first GT.
Liam First Giant Trevally
Day 2:
The water Visibity was excellent, we start drifting and hopefully to some doggies or Spanish Mackerel. toward the end of the drift Kyle shot a good Size Spnaish Mackerel. 
Kyle First Spanish Mackerel
Second spot we also did a drift dive. we saw more Maori seaperch but not in the range of the Speargun. Toward the end of the Dive I saw Fish i have been waiting for all my life. Buffalo Emperor. The Emperor really made me wait for it in the bottom. But being properly hidden, staying still, minimizing movement Pay off. Shot the Buffalo Emperor and nail a solid shot. Was really stoke for my trophy fish!!
Peter First Buffalo Emperor
Celebrating the end of the trip

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