We Start the trip with few trip toilet run, i guess is a routine between the 3 of us. Is either before or in the ocean we do the number 2. Sorry guys to many information, but can’t help it, it is the reality after eating Spicy Balinese food!!

Captain John was amazing, He have positive vibe and keep our spirit high even though the visibility was getting worse. First spot Hubernator (Hubert Haciski )shot the first fish for chumming at the next spot. We have to move because all the bible maker start surrounding the spot into massive bubble maker orgy.

Second spot looks very potential but visibility was not compramising , so we give it few try but didn’t see any monster.

Merman and his weapons

Third spot 3rd dive Seagrizzly (Brett Levingston) shot a good size Spanish Mackerel. The moral just went up so high all of us start hunting like snipper.

Fourth spot the visibility was perfect Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo. But all we see is big Rainbow runners and Queenfish. The lost spot we all hunt for reef fish. Shot my biggest Black and white Snapper. It was huge and my personal best.

On the way back Captain John engine stop because of fuckers throwing thrash in the ocean and got stuck in the propeller. Guess where the engine stop? right where the reef and wave break. We all panic and jump out of the water making sure the boat don’t capsize. lucky captain John skills with the knife manage to untangled the propeller on time and switch the engine on and escape without harming the boat!!

Filleting station

SeaGrizzly with his Mack

Overall it was a good trip with the Boys and always dive save people!! there is always another day, to drill a hole on the one fish you dream about!

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