It almost good to see father and son going spearfishing together.  Gary and Patrick was on their holiday in Bali coming from the USA. The day started with a big suprise. We were all wondering why all the bait fish, unicorn fish and the fish around the spot was behaving differently. We all suspect that there is very big Pelagic roaming around but not sure what species. I was around 30-40 meter deep trying to see wheter there any pelagic swiming. That was wise move, i dive and stay around 5-10 meter deep when a black marlin was coming from behind and swim right next to me. I have to fin so hard to catch up with it. Made my shot hoping it will shot him behind the gill but it was a big mistake. It took a lot line but it was bad shot. the shaft didn’t penatrate deep enough. I was really sad and worry if the fish will survive the shot. But 2 weeks after we saw the same Marlin and it was strong like a bull keeping its distances this time.

Black Marlin

Giant Trevally

Patrick and Gary James

Spanish Mackerel

Then we move spot and we got a good size Giant trevally and the spot after that a Spanish Mackerel. When we came back we divide the GT with the local and took the spanish Mackerel for Diner.
Day trip Spearfishing with Pat and Gary in East Bali from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

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