myself and Anthony been discussing the trip few month ago and we both agree 3 day trip is best way to experience most of what Bali Underwater world have to offer.

Day 1 we went to North Bali to Hunt at the drop off reef. We manage to see few 5 star reef fish but it was a challenge to shoot them. One of my dive a school of 5-15 kg Giant trevally, I waited to see if there a nice trophy fish in the schoo but didnt see any. We drift with the current and saw big Midnight snapper, Redbass, Mori Seaperch and Bigeye Seabream but the current was not in our favor we couldn’t hide on any spot to get them closer. 
The next spot we shot a good size Dogtooth Tuna , midnight snapper and Bluefin Trevally. It was good enough for the first day to have a good dinner. At night we have Dogtooth Caviche and midnight snapper pepes and sate.
The next day we went to Different spot and shot mangrove jack, Anthony miss a good size Spanish mackerel, we also got bluefin trevally and Giant Trevally. We also got Bigeye Sebream toward the end of the dive. We had another feast for Dinner at Anthony hotel, the owner prepare us amazing dinner.
Last day was epic. Never saw so many Spanish mackerel in one day. Firt spot we saw some GT and Spnaish mackerel but they kept their distance. The next spot John Shot Spanish mackerel, it was quiet murky and hard to spot them but john got lucky one spanish went straight toward him from underneath. The next spot we hunt at the reef and Anthony shot a good size flowery cod.  The next spot it was a war zone. I spotted a school of Spanish mackerel all around 10-15 kg size. Took a shot a miss. Not long after john got one and wahoo following after. Then Anthony finally got his first spanish mackerel after losing his first one the day before.

Mangrove jack

Anthony with his Flower Cod

Wahoo, Spanish mackerel, Bigeye Trevally and flowery Cod

The boys happy face

3 day trip in North Bali and East Bali from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

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