The day started from Amed, It was a nice day, all the fisherman caught a lot of eastern small tuna. Bought few  bait for trolling and chum. Then start spearfishing just off the village of the fisherman(Eddie) in amed. Saw few grouper but nothing else. Then head to tulamben for open blue water spearfishing, on the way to the FAD i set up trolling ( Ballyhoo) and had 3 strikes and every time I try to take in, the fish come off accept the last one when the captain of the boat  try to take the fish of the water. it got stuck in the junkung supporting bamboo floats. it was a 3 kg rainbow runner.

First FAD just small rainbow runner,Amberjack and crazy strong current. Second FAD same story then the third FAD we hit a jackpot. There was atleast 200 school of Mahi Mahi. I was like a kid in a candy store. I start searching for the bull. then the female mahi mahi. i landed 5 mahi mahi and  MR sate landed 6. Both of us didnt care about how tiring the swiming agaisnt the strong current. to be spearfishing in a school of mahi mahi is an experience i will never forget! I also saw yellowfin tuna but it was small one. I think next month it will be the Yellowfin season up north, cant wait.

Eddie the best fisherman in Amed and MR SATE!!
The day catch
Ready for the grill

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