Meet up at the office Jason Daccache  and Luke Hockey to hunt up North. We drive for 2 hour and arrive early at the Village where we will take the boat.

We start the dive by drift diving hunting for doggies at drop off ledges. No sign of doggies only small little puppies that  was swimming close to surface. Then we decided to go to the seamount to hunt Reef fishes. We saw lots of midnight snapper but not close enough for shooting range. Saw few Longnose emperor but they are just teasing us.

Then we continue for drift dive on the shallow reef to hunt Maori search and GT’s. Shot few Maori Seaperch but didn’t manage to see big GT or Trevally only small ones.

We save the best spot for last the GT beach Club spot. The condition was good but the current was little bit to weak and far offshore. But we manage to see few species of Trevally but again was too small. Saw one big GT but it sprint like bullet train. Not long before we call it a day i spotted a good size Longnose Emperor and nail it!

Long nose Emperor and Maori Seaperch Indospearfishing Charter

To sum up the trip, it was such a good trip to be surrounded by positive people with amazing vibes, energy, stories and experiences. I learnt that day by appreciating small things can add up your day to successful trips. Thanks a lot boys looking forward to see you guy in Australia.

Jason and Luke during Bintang o’clock!

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