Day 1:

Pick up the boys from the Boat transfer and head to our Villa to drop off our stuff. We didn’t waste any time and head out to the reef. The first spot I spotted Longnose emperor and miss the shot like a pro ( bother me the whole night , couldn’t figure the reason why I miss the shot). Shot few reef fish nothing impressive but is good to be in the water, hopefully better luck the next day.

Day 2:
Was a nice day to go to the FAD. The first FAD we saw a couple of mahi Mahi but they kept their distance. One came really close but not close enough for a good shooting range. The boys shot a couple of rainbow runner but no Wahoo came up or Mahi mani.

Move to the FAD Saw more Mahi Mahi but again they kept their distance and disappear.  Few drift after we decided to bring some triple tail home. I manage to shot 3 triple tail in one shot.

Head back to reef and shot few more reef fish, but i guess the triple tail will be the highlight of the day.

Midnight snapper

Day 3:

The last day, we head to GT Beach Club to hunt some trevallys and GT.  Manage to shot one Golden Trevally and miss every chance to shoot Bluefin trevally and GT.  The Boys shot couple of Reef fish for fish and chips for dinner.

Nothing better to end the 3 day  trip with a cold beer on the way back to land. Dive safe and enjoy every moment you have under the water. Is not about the bigger fish or more fish but to have a great day in the sea and relax your mind from all the daily stress!

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