Joe came early morning to our office and we quickly swapped cars at our office so we are able to drive up to North bali at 5am!
As soon as we where on the way it started raining and we where abit concered even though the forecast was saying sunshine for the whole day.

Captain Edi and Guide Hubert taking a snapshot!

As we drove further north we where luckly and the sun actually came out.
The rain stopped and we almost arrived to pickup Tyson from his hotel to join us up.

As we arrived to the fising village everyone was on the same page and the fishing jokes and strategies where flying and ofcourse everyone was introduced to eachother and we got along very well.

We geared up and prepared the boat for launch.

Testing the Reef roller on its shooting range

As we where going to our dive stop I gave our guys few tips on how to approache certain fish,
Tyson really wanted a midnight snapper for himself and Joe focused on getting food for the family!

On the first spot the water was nice calm and clear,
we split up so we still could see eachother and everyone was diving and hunting,

we started spotting big maori seaperch and few midnight snappers, also bigeye seabream where very common around but as we know they can be tricky to land.

on the drift i spotted a midnight snapper and managed to get a shot on it , landed it aswell! so stoked!!

Joe and Tyson shot few fish aswell , and we slowly started filling up the cool box to take the haul back home and feed our friends and families.

Andre Reef Roller aiming up on the MU

We did around 4 spots that we know well, one was performing really well that day, and we decied to add another drift to the end of the trip.

We jumped in the water and I saw a bait ball flash up from the depth and my intuition told me that something must be hunting them.

Quick reaction to the left and a Giant Trevally is coming out of the deep and swims towards me, problem was that there was a big sea mount under me and i was afraid to lose the fish in a fight inside the current, so i focused on a good stone shot and it worked, the fish died , pulled it up and all off us celebrated the last drift of the day and we called it afterwards since we had alot of fish and most important of the day FUN!

The End of the trip pose’s

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