Jack Cassin our future new generation spearo from WA Australia

Jack Cassin Was young Spearo with full of potential . He was willing to listen and follow instruction. With couple of year of experience he will hunt the fish he dreams about. His persistent manage to shot of the cheekiest and hard fish to hunt the famous Maori Seaperch. He also miss a good size    […]

Chris Simatis 2 day Spearfishing trip to North and East Bali

First Day We went to East Bali , Visibility of the water was Excellent. We hunt at seamount and etoll. The result was satisfactory, We caught Spanish Mackerel, Bigeye Trevally, Green Jobfish, Midnight Snapper and Rainbow runner Captain John and Chris holding up there catch The Next Trip We went to North Bali reef. Visibility    […]

Beautiful underwater world of Bali Indonesia

This Video is a reminder of how blessed i am to be living on the island of God. With our cyanide and dynamite bombing problem, we need to continuously  educate the people around the world  the destructive result it causes. Like Velere said, “nature has its way to fight back” so lets look after it..

North east Bali 23 october 2011

Tulamben The day started from Amed, It was a nice day, all the fisherman caught a lot of eastern small tuna. Bought few  bait for trolling and chum. Then start spearfishing just off the village of the fisherman(Eddie) in amed. Saw few grouper but nothing else. Then head to tulamben for open blue water spearfishing,    […]