We all were happy that we have created a new Friendship between Spearo who enjoy and passionate of being in the water. We all believe that there is positive and negative impact toward spearfishing snd we promise each other that we will send the correct message to all the spears around the world to become a responsible diver. We met day before the trip discussing the possibility to go spearfishing and we connect so well that we decide to go out the next day and hunt in our backyard.

We went to East Bali and it was an epic Day. Broodie shot Barramundi cod, then not long after I shot wahoo, the next spot Hubert shot. Giant Trevally and last spot before we finish I shot 15 kg Group.

After the trip we went back Komune to Broodie Hotel and ate the Delicious Barramundi cod. The chef cooked it so well , it was amazing.

We met few time after the trip to have few beer and Hubert went out with Broodie and both of them got lucky hunting in the land. Til next trip Brother!

Epic Day and new Friendship
Brodie Moss Youngblood Spearfishing with his Barramundi Cod

Peter and His Wahoo

Peter and his Giant Grouper

Wahoo pose
Lunch Barramundi cod at Komune Resort

Please watch Youngblood video there footage from the trip.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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