South Bali

Unexpected Hunting success in Bali

The view before the Dive A few days ago Eenk decided to try a new spot that he heard marvelous stories about it from the local villager. He heard tales about the good old days, when fish flourished and were abandoned on their doorsteps. Eenk will try anything even if the water is infested with    […]

Unsuccessful Fishing Trip Ending with a Good Feeling

Some friends and I went out on a special fishing trip to dive at seamount. There are three spots and there are all equally amazing places to catch fish you would dream about. Once we arrived on the first spot, the water was murky and we found the same condition in the second and third    […]

Spearfishing Giant Trevally in 2 Different Location Same Day

The day I got back from  from east java trips. The boys surprise me with a good catch. Eenk2 aka kretekman. shot 15 kg GT, the water condition was not bad and the spot was fill with school big unicorn fish. when you see a school of good size unicorn fish you know something will    […]

Predict the currents and tide balinese ancestoral ways

The moon phases have guided the balinese fisherman for century. It has help them choose the best location, what type of bait and warning of danger in the ocean. This knowledge was pass down a long line of ancestry roots  originate from china. Few days before and after new moon and full moon the swell    […]

South bali spanish mackerel and trevally 22 february 2013

Enk new nickname is “kretekman” he will smoke several clove cigarette before he dive and between dive. in the office he goes spearfishing around south bali. His new job description is to kill fresh fish for tourist to have sashimi on the boat. If there is no tourist he is free to dive and catch    […]

South bali 6 dec 2012 ” eenk sea turtle hero”

We start diving around 8 in the morning, water visibility was not good. No mackerel, no gt, or even barracuda anto favorite target. The boys manage to shoot local favorite fish unicorn fish, Gold-saddle rabbitfish and octopus. Second spot visibility was excellent but no scribbled snapper or emperor. There was plenty of sweetlips close to    […]

Eid Al-Adah

Some people on our humble little island got together to slaughter some goats and start one of the biggest Muslim holidays of the year. We decided to book a boat and see what there is to catch around Bali and some of the outer islands. Our trip started at 8 am in Tanjung Benoa and    […]

South bali 18 October 2012

Today trip was short notice and we need to find the right spot because we are hosting a  local tv show called ” Petualang” its hosted by our friend Al. I was unfortunately sick with flu but i didn’t give up, i called  Mr Ketut his famous painful massage. He massage the nerve that connect    […]

29 August 2012 South East Bali

Anto with 15KG Barracuda Anto and Eenk was so suborn despite the big swell on Wednesday. They still went and dive without a boat. The visibility was only 7-8 meter. Fish are coming from back . Like usual there is few Trevally and lots of reef fish. The most interesting one is Anto catch with    […]

South bali 18 August 2012

Boys: 4kg scribbled snapper,  4.5 kg Green Jobfish, Trevallies, Queen fish, Sweet lip, and Peter: Malboro lights. The boat was a nightmare, there was expose fiberglass all over the boat that need proper finishing. We all suffered from fiberglass rash and ridiculous itchiness during the whole boat ride. Second problem, its too windy and huge    […]