Lembongan and Penida Underwater Hidden Treasure

  Blake and Larry ​  It had been 2 years since I last returned to the Penida and Lembongan region.   I am glad to be back! My friend Blake planed this trip from 10,000 miles away. He came with his father Larry who is well known throughout the world as an International Fisherman. He has many fishing adventure around    […]

“Spearfishing & Fishing superstition”

Local and worldwide superstition about fishing: First of all rules you should know if you want to go to the ocean in Indonesia you should know that wearing a green shirt or anything green on you is  a very bad omen and therefore bad luck for all the people with you.  Also google” Nyi Roro    […]

Support your Shark

I was so shock what i witness today and the amount and sizes of the shark being cought in Indonesia for fins. Please visit all the Against shark fining website and SUPPORT!! small tooth thresher shark accidently caught by the drift net fisherman Stop Shark Fining in IndonesiaSample letter to write to the Indonesian fishery    […]