Blake and Larry

It had been 2 years since I last returned to the Penida and Lembongan region.   I am glad to be back! My friend Blake planed this trip from 10,000 miles away. He came with his father Larry who is well known throughout the world as an International Fisherman. He has many fishing adventure around the world and holds numerous world records in his belt. The third man is dear friend of Blake name Kirk , both a sailboat and powerboat expert. No sooner had we arrived in Lembongan, that we found ourselves in the company of my relatives Agus and Umik, owners of the ‘Mushroom Garden Villa’. We immediately jumped into the Lembongan excitement, dropping our bags, eating a brilliant lunch and meeting with a local boat owner friend of my relative, an expert maritime explorer, well known for his underwater knowledge around Nusa Penida and Lembogan, From the conversation we had I had a clear picture of what to expect and quickly had a good feeling about our adventure prepared for the next few days. 

Larry and Blake fishing Adventure around the world
By 1 in the afternoon, we would be picked up and taken straight to the first spot. We only have 1 hour before the water condition changes and spearfishing will be difficult. The first spot is only recommended for people who can dive 25 meter plus and 3-4 minute breath-hold. We saw sharks, Eagle ray and sea full of unicorn fish. Dogtooth Tuna was no-where to be found, and the water quickly change and we move to the second spot.  The second spot my first shot of the day was ‘Giant Trevally’ and wouldn’t you ‘lost the spear’. Then we saw a few timid Giant Maori Seaperch and the brilliant ‘mu fish’. I was using a 3 rubber Sliptip and took a shot at a ‘Jobfish’ but missed the shot.

A decent nights rest and we headed out for the next day, setting up the trolling rod and headed to a new spot’ it took us an hour fighting current and big swell. The water condition had changed dramatically from a nice clear and amazing visibility to silky water with sediments. The day’s swell prediction was  4-6 ft at Ceningan and the following day was rapidly increasing at 6-10 ft. After the bumpy ride we finally arrived and it was empty only saw a couple small ‘Bluefin Trevally’ and 1 ‘Longnose Emperor’ that broke off from the spear. Then we moved several spots but the water was murky. ‘Arriving to the The lost spot’, our captain joined us in the water, mainly because it was his favorite sport. The visibility left little room to complain. I spend all day hunting ‘Big Maori Seaperch’ but I couldn’t get a good shot. I also some nice size ‘Mangrove Jack’ but they kept their distance. In the end I ended up catching a 10 kg GT. After having no luck all day. Blake shot a few ‘Bluefin Trevally’. We headed back to the hotel to have lunch some much needed rest before the later dive.
Our Second dive of the day found us back in then we went back to yesterday spot and the water visibility was perfect. I didn’t see any school of ‘Unicorn Fish’. I was hoping to see the same GT who took my ‘Cressi’ shaft. I Saw ‘Giant Maori Seaperch’ again but couldn’t get a good shot. Then not long after I saw the GT with the shaft still stuck. I didn’t hesitate and full charge on the fish and took a nice shot. The injured fish had 2 shafts but still fought like a boss.  Then the shaft, bending like a toothpick,broke and fell off.  The fish didn’t go too far and my friend Blake was ready and took a good secure shot, and another shot for the kill shot. 

This trip was amazing, with good friends, old and new, we shared moments and adventure; and I can’t wait tell we return to this world more often.  Words cannot express my gratitude for my cousins Umik and Agus, along with their excellent staff, in offering generous hospitality while staying at the beautiful‘Mushroom Garden Villa Room’ and graciously preparing delicious meals from our fresh catch. The captain’s knowledge and personality was legendary, adventuring into his world is truly one of a kind.  I will never forget the moments shared by both new and old Texas friends. Fondly remembering Larry’s gentle and wise advise and stories of his epic fishing adventure around the world.  Blake with his enthusiasm and enough motivation to keep us on our toes.  Kirk’s goofy behavior provided us with laughter.  Indeed, the honor felt to share this priceless moment in the mysterious world of Penida and Lembongan will bring a smile to my face for many years to come.
Blake Trophy fish
Kirk and myself


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