Bigeye tuna

Dismantling a whole fresh 110 pounds Bigeye Tuna

Just got back from Benoa unloading my boat. Export all AA grade to Japan and decided to bring one home too. Usually I will earn range of USD $14-22 dollar per kg. So I only take A grade home or grade B. This time I wanted to eat the best quality from my boat. I    […]

60% BigeyeTuna in Japan is from Indonesia

Believe It or not Indonesia supply 60% of imported Bigeye tuna in Japan. We also supply a lot of Yellowfin in Japan and some southern Bluefin. The picture below is a preview from Indian Ocean fishing ground to Benoa Port, to Tsukiji, Shiogama, Kensunama and sendai Auction Market. We also supply to Singapore, Australia, and    […]