I went to local midwife because she was the only person around 15 km radius who can help with my infected wound on my back. She give me a strict instruction not to drink or dive for the next 4 days while i am on Antibiotic.

So i become a skipper for a day. We decide to go to a seamount 5 km offshore. When we arrive at the spot, it was full of fisherman fishing for ruby snapper. Current was 1.5 knot, we only have 20 sec to drift through the small seamount. No wahoo or spanish mackerel was spotted.

So we headed back to the reef and hunt for some reef fish. It seem like all the fish don’t like us anymore. Few hour later we decided to call it a day.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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