After 2 day in row Spearfishing, We are quiet sored but in the same time we are both warmed-up and pumped-up for more action.

There is another spot before GT beach house that have big GT and Seaperch lurking at the reef. We start drifting following the current. Visibility was not favorable, but toward the day it got better and we start being more life.

Not long after i saw 2 big GT swim below me. quickly dove and shot one of them. I kind of regret doing it because it was a beautiful fish. But i cannot help my hunting instinct to shoot it and take it home to share for my family and friends.

The shot miss the spine by 1 cm. The fish give a good fight, almost drown countless time because i was using Rob Allen 120 Reel gun and i ran out of line. lucky after 8 minute tug war with the GT wrap around big rock and got stuck.

It took me literally 15 minute to slow down my breathing and heart beat. The beast really work me up and taught me shitloads of lesson to be learnt!

went down and took second shot to end the misery of the magnificent beast. Big relief when we finally rest the GT onboard the jukung. Edi (captain of the juking) face was priceless, full of Joy and shock.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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