First day dive at the Rumpon (FAD) no luck seing any pelagic fish. I visited 20 Rumpon and the Visibility was poor. I shot few amberjack for the captain dinner and I give up.

The next day we went to the reef and try a new spot with pontential spanish mackerel but the area was protected by a village. so i kept a my distance from the area and hoping something will pass by but no luck.
Then I headed to the usual spot and saw few emperor but my bottom time was a mess. I couldn’t stay long enough to wait for the emperor to get close. Instead i shot a good size grouper. The next spot is perfect  when the sun is almost set and the current is strong. All the big boys are hunting for bait fish.
I saw a giant grouper but it sprint like there is no tommorow. Saw more emperor but i miss the shot. Toward the end of my dive I reached  my favorite hiding spot next to a big rock. It took me 2 dive and the familiar sound of a big predator fish is coming and the fish started to scatter. 2 big bluefin trevally swim closer and closer to my direction. Took the shot at the biggest one and secure the fish quickly because i was surrounded by big rocks and reef.
Spearfishing Bluefin Trevally
Then i try to find the other big guy but no luck and I call it a day. When i head back the local boys are ready with rice and sambal and the grill to cook the fish.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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  • Riandto

    small tiger maybe, but a 3m one…still dont see it happening. I cetrainly can believe they would break human ribs and have seen them bully divers, but thats a big difference when compared to an animal 3x their size.

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