Don’t dive under influence of substances
some people can pull it off, but the chances of accident to happen overtime can get higher. Is advise not to dive with any substances running through blood. give your body a good rest. Is not worth your life.

Diving without hangover

I have experience it few time with few friend, it was no fun, your diving depth cut by half, frustration level rise double like old men seing a naked you women. Generally you will have sh@t couple of hour diving, 2/10 i landed good fish with hangover.
Diving without stress
When you wake up in the morning and you still stress out about work, friend, wife, girlfriend, children, family etc. Is strongily advice to solve the problem. Most of the time it will clouded your mine when your focusing on your breathing, before you decent for the hunt. Is stongily advice control your stress, by facing the source of the stress, meditation, or if your tough bloke then just pushnit away and blocked it!
Diving with unfinish problem
Just like stress, it will keep poping in your mind while diving, consentration level zero, most of the time reault is nil. Your body posture is not relax and you will be more aggressive. Resulting sending bad vibe tonyou sureounding. Beleive it or not is better diving with clear mind.

Condition urself or be fit

No point going diving if you only slept 2-3 hours. No point if your about to be sick with flu. No point if you have block nose and wnding up with bleeding nose. Dont dive if you just fly by airplane, give a good 1-2 day rest. Our have quick shallow dive the next day. Then following day dive to your comfort depth.
Dont push over your capibility
Not one fish is worth ur life there is always a better chance next time. Too many fish i miss the chance because i am running out of breath. Is ok there is always next time. Yes you will not be able to sleep for the next few days, but better the sitting in hospital bed for a couple days. To make the pain less, record all your dive with gopro or video camera. Atleast you have memory encountering your dream fish. 😎😉

Bad weather

I have encounter several bad storm in the middle of ocean. Was it worth? Not at all. If you like shitting or peeing in your pant. Go ahead. Captain sparrow spearfishing trip has been cross out of my list of adventure. Plan your trip better, many website provide detail information on you local dive spot for free.

The correct equipment

Diving with glove with holes is not cool. Diving with mask that doesnt fit properly is annoying. Untrim mustache or beard is also annoying! Wrong thickness wetsuit can be a problem : too thick you have sweatie balls, too thin you pee every 10 min. So bring extra wetsuits !

Dive buddy the same level so you can save each other ass when thing go wrong.

Sex before diving
This is common topic spearo always joke about. Sex maraton before diving not good idea because it will ruin your stamina. Maybe a quickie is ok and blowjob ( relaxing your mind 😉)

Superstition mind fu@k you before diving can really be a problem sometime. Like people wishing you catching lots of fish, or people requesting you to catch some fish. Most of the time it will mind fu@k during diving because you keep hearing there voices. 

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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