South Bali is not only famous for all the amazing surf spot but it also the location for amazing underwater ecosystem. The terrain is perfect spot for Reef species, full of underwater canyon, cave, chanel and amazing rocks.

We can only access the southern part of Bali when the swell is small or else get ready to get scatches and bruise from the swell surge. All the fish are concentrate just behind the swell break. There is some spot that are quiet deep around 15-20 meter to hunt the famous green Jobfish.

First Spot we found school baitball on the surface and we suspect there is something hunting around it. Our instinct was correct. The first dive Alex shot a queenfish. Then i made the second dive. I was not to prepare to expect Giant , i am talking about massibe Bigeye seabream coming straight for me. As soon i move the Speargun the swim away. Not long after i when up for a breath and Spanish mackerel swim right underneath me, i quickly dive down and got a good shot.

After secure the spanish we couldn’t find the bait fish anymore so we move to the next spot. The next spot we were played by the moari seaperch and few other reef fish. We couldn’t get a good shot because most of the fish have rock behind it.

Third spot a good size spanish mackerel swim right next to me and i got a good shot. The last spot was the best one. While i was chumming using the guts and inside of all the fish we shot. Alex was in the water waiting for the famous green jobfish but instead 2 spanish mackerel swim for the chum. Alex couldn’t get close enough to get a good shot.

Getting ready to chum with spanish Mackerel Inside

Spanish Mackerel

Second Spanish Mackerel
The best captain in Southern part of Bali, always a big smile when we catch something

Alex and his catch

Overall it was amazing trip with good condition to hunt in south. We cam home happy with fresh tasty fish for dinner.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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