Over the years we have had good and bad experiences with renting jukung (outrigger) in Bali, the good ones are usually spread through word of mouth between fellow fishermens who lives in the island. Some jukung’s owner will try to squeeze every rupiah they can get out of you, therefore we at Bali Spearfishing would love to share our local knowledge and experiences in renting jukung in Bali.

We only bargain with boat owner according to the distance, and the type of jukung they have. Usually the fiberglass jukung are more expensive then the wooden ones, when you finish your dive and wanted to reward them for their  helpfulness, politeness, knowledge of his fishing ground then please tip them handsomely, gifts, or just plain appreciation for their service, just remember most of them feed the whole family with around US$200 earning a month. Most of the jukung owner are like family to us, we build good relationship and keeping in contact regularly, This friendship is build with courtesy, understanding, and simply the joy of sharing good times with them in the ocean.

We also would like to promote jukung owners because they are the local people who inherited their most comprehensive local area knowledge pass down by generations. This people are making extra money by offering their service so most likely you will get a fair deal. Big speedboat or fishing charter are purely business oriented, you will get a fix time, charge you for anything extra and mostly likely you don’t experience the true Bali hospitality. They are mostly owned by foreigner or rich entrepreneur, of course if comfort and luxury is what you aim for then please by all means. However we believe that it is better to give the local fisherman an extra income to help with their livelihood in this time of uncertainty, and fisheries depletion from the ocean due to overfishing mainly by the ‘big guys’ and the desperate.

These are few different type of jukung in Bali.

Wooden Jukung at Airport

Wooden jukung (size varies and make a different to price)

  • eggbeater engine 200-400 thousand rupiah, depending on what part of bali and the distance
  • outboard engine  200-500 thousand rupiah, depending on what part of bali and the distance

fiberglass jukung (size varies and make a different to price)  all using outboard engine 300-500 thousand rupiah Depending on what part of bali and the distance

Fiberglass jukung are usually wider then wooden jukungs


1. Look for local fisherman, they usually come back from fishing in the morning. Please avoid boat owner who offer snorkling, dolphin watch, or scuba diving ( most of them have no clue about good location for fishing)
2. Bring picture of the target fish, name and what type of area you want to go to. (seamount, reef, drop off, blue water etc..)
3. Bring a diving budies because they dont know anything about first aid kit or if you have accident in the water.
4. Inform them about how you want to communicate with them when you are in the water. just simple signal such waving for help, or sticking your gun in the air when you need them to come to you.
5. If the location is outisde bali for example nusa penida then price range is from 600-900 thousand rupiah. If the location is FAD then 400-600 thousand rupiah. If just around the bali coast then 300-500 thousand rupiah .
6. always be polite to them, friendly and stay positive.
7. BRING YOU OWN ICE, they will not provide ice on board. Food and drink for yourself and the boat owner, plus a handy tip get them a pack of Kretek cigarette they will for sure be happy to wait for you for as long as you want to.

Few fish name to help you during your spearfishing trip in Bali

Kakap: snapper
Scribbled Snapper: Kampuh
Kakap Jarang gigi: Mangrove jack
Cakal/ Kue: GT/Trevally
Cakalan: skipjack
Tongkol/ Tuna: Any tuna, yellowfin, skipjack etc..
Kerapu: Grouper
Tengiri: Spanish mackerel/wahoo
Tumpek: mahi mahi

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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