Perfect sunrise – salty air – magnificent sunset, yup  = Indonesia. 
A so called paradise for fellow Spearfishierman. Where time has no value , it just happens. We wake up in the morning to pack and prepare our bags for a long day out on the water. Sunscreen,Food (crackers and some fruit) and an empty belly to increase the hunting senses. 
Sunrise at 6am.

Everyone knows not catching a feed in the old days would equal to hunger. I believe in not eating before diving helps towards catching -maybe because im not digesting and it increases my breath hold?  (hahaha silly me sometimes). Makes me think “If you wont catch anything or your mates , we will starve that night.

But sometimes that just puts to much pressure on.  So having the option to eat in a Warung is always good to have. 
Whats so special about all that? The feeling of having perfect views of the sunrise  especially in remote places – and yes Indonesia has many of those , where tourists are to lazy to go to, which is perfect for us hunters since we prefer to have less then to much fanciness. 
Traditional Jukung.
School of Mani Mahi 

Finding a local boatman takes practice, you don’t want anyone random to be your boatman in the middle of the Bali Sea while your hunting inside currents on the open water and your boatman is taking a nap..(yea happened few times). 

We got our boatman waiting, Ketut. We know that gearing up inside a Jukung is really annoying, we got our wetsuits on already , socks too. All thats left to prepare is the speargun / float mask and gloves. Most fisherman wont have a big engine so it takes awhile (45-60minutes) weather dependent to get to the Rumpon (FAD- “ Fish Attracting Device”)

Aiming on a school of Mahi Mahi

Bull Mahi Mahi

There is certain rules for those in Indonesia, not everyone can use them they are being shared since one of those FAD’s costs around 3000$, and yes thats alot of money for Indonesian circumstances, we have to respect that. 

Its pretty simple, drive up to the Fad, check out which way the current goes, drift with it towards it or around. The fish will be hunting around it in a radius of 50-200m. We are targeting Mahi Mahi and Wahoo’s on those days, and maybe a nice Rainbowrunner if it has a decent size. 
Mahi Mahi for dinner!

The stunning views of the coastline from the open sea is breathtaking , the fishing can be good and bad as we all know.. but ANY day on the water is a good day ?! Right!!!?

Well spend day with Awesome views, good fish, sunrise/sunsets and getting wet.
  – Indonesia

About the Author -

Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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