The weather was very disappointing, wind  was bothering us all day.we started fishing around 5 am and  we tried bottom fishing and the only bite we get is from small long nose snapper for 1 hour and nothing after. Trolling, jigging nothing no luck..

We start diving around 8 and the reef is dead, a lot of broken coral due to bombing!!!! I dont understand what our local officials are thinking and doing!!! Is a Next to a national park and the reef is dead!!

There is few area in NW Bali which is ideal for predator to patrol, but i will keep it a secret. What i saw was:
1. a 5 kg Dogtooth,
2. a school of skipjack,
3. 4-5 kg trevally,
4. no mackerel :(,
5. a 20 kg coral trout, the color was white or silver i think is ready to lay egg. very tempting to shoot but it was 1 meter to far for a good range.

so the catch was, few small mangrove jack and exhaustion!! Thank you reef Bombers!!

Arvid have the luxury of sleeping all the way back from NW Bali

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