On the Hunt

It was an awesome start to the day, the weather was good, but the forecast was saying lots of rain and thunderstorms, but we had luck. We prayed with our captain Edi at the temple for good weather, a nice catch and  a safe return.  Which worked well.
On the way to our spot we shared some stories and tactics how to target some species and the tips and tricks with gear. All spearos love to share their experiences.

Midnight Snapper

As we arrive by the spot and jumped in the Fish activity was amazing, slowly approching some caves i heard a shot, it was Josh trying to get a Bigeye Seabream. But unfortunetly we all know how hard it is to shot. I gave it a try to, due to problems with my roller gun i missed aswell.
I recently put a MVD roller head on my 1300 rob allen, but it is not performing so well.

As we continue diving the bay, I noticed that Harry was staying in one spot for a while,
i saw over him and looked that he shot something down there in the cave, i asked him what it was and he responded with that he does not know because it passed by quick and he landed a shot in the stomach.

Mj and Midnight Snapper

But it went into the cave at a depth of around 15meters. So he decedet down and pulled it out. Luckly the visibilty was good at that time and i saw it being pulled out at first i thought its a Giant Trevally because it looked big but as we pull it up it becomes clear its a Midnight Snapper, we both we suprised how big it is, not thinking that it would be a possible world record, haha.
As we get on the boat to switch the spots Josh spotted few Maori Seaperch but with no luck.
On the Boat we did a huge mistake we threw out the guts of the midnight snapper because they where hanging out from the belly shot. If we would have had kept the guts it would end up in the record books.

So we moved to the next spot, and it was full of life, amazing diving that day ive went for some sweetlip snapper for our home barbeque party.
Josh spotted a Jobfish and landed it, a good sized Jobbie with around 3.5kg weight.
 Till now the quality was coming up and everyone was enjoying the day, the visibitly was great until we swapped for the last spot, it was turning tide and we had around 1 1/2h left of proper sunlight.

PB Mangrove for Josh

We dive along the edge and Josh did a dive right next to me , he followed the edge and i hear a shot and a fish just did the flip, a nice stoned deced sized mangrove jack around 5kg!!

Both of us where so excited , it was also his PB on that day, which ended up in an EPIC trip for both guys with Indospearfishing Charters !!

The trophy

So we slowly decided to head home and hit another spot, but the sun was going down and the tides where wrong from that time and we quickly decided to head home.

We where so pumped on the catches that the day passed pretty quickly.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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