First Day  heavy storm at FAD/Rumpon miles away from Bali. But we were dazzle by what we see around the FAD, it was fill with hundreds of bird in the sky and hundred juvenile Yellowfin Tuna under the water. So we ignore the incoming storm heading to our direction and start hunting.

first dive we manage to get close to the yellowfin tuna but not enough for a good shooting range. Then the water weather got worst, lightning and swell, but we didn’t give up. All sudden the yellowfin disappear and we saw 2 large Pilot whale swimming next to the FAD. we dive few time no sign of tuna. Then we decide to head back but we have no sense of direction because we can’t see bali , visibility is only 15 meter and heavy rain. lucky our good friend Eddie brought his brand new compass , but it was his first time using it. for 1 hour he have panic face guessing the direction of Bali, luckily his instinct was correct and we arrive to Bali. The next day we continue to have bad weather but for the love of seafood and spearfishing we continue. Result many GTs, Dogtooth Tuna, Green Jobfish, and many reef fishy..

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