We start diving at 6:15 A.M. The visibilty was poor. The fish was not there. The usual big GT, Barracuda, and Snapper are no where to be found. Search at usual spot but nobody is home. Then after an hour the water started to change and Matteo was on the right spot and start shooting rainbow runners, blue trevally, queenfish and the fish we all want longnose emperor. Myself and luc finally saw and speared some rainbow runners. But didnt see and other fish. After half an hour water change again. So we left to check another spot.


The next spot was a sea-mount the usual resident are GT, and Dogtooth Tuna. The sea current was quiet strong which was good because usually the big guys are out. Again me and Luc didn’t see any fish worth  shooting but Matteo manage to find a spot where there is a group of Bigeye Trevally. He shot the biggest from the group. Not long after the shot, the current direction started to change. The fish move spot. Matteo manage to locate the spot and i went to dive. But i only found small Bigeye Trevally. This trip was Matteo luck.

Thanks to Matteo he left me my favorite fish Emperor Snapper. Cooked the fish for dinner and rainbow runners fish n chips for the kids.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.


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    Do you organize jarkata or bali spearfising trips? How much would a trip cost?

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